Everything you need to know about the Baby lounging Nest


The Bubba and Blue Nests are made with 100% cotton prints with a soft hypoallergenic fill. The nest are perfect to use anywhere around the house. The lounging baby nests help your babies feel secure, giving them a familiar place to rest. Make life easier by using the baby nest at the beach or park. Easy to transport to Grandma’s house or use while you have a coffee date with a friend. Parents are using the Lounging baby nest for a changing station and a cozy place to lay your child right out of the tub. And more and more people are excited about having the baby nest on vacation with them or a weekend out camping.


          Home of the " BIG KID NEST "

  The Big Kid is about 48" inside resting area and a total length of 56". This lounging Nest is gaining more popularity since most parents (me included) like to get the best bang for your buck. The Nest is the perfect size for kids up to 8/9 years old and some parents are starting their littles off in this size around 2 years old.

   We have been using a Nest for my now 8 year old for years ,we find it great for travelling, camping trips and keeping him from rolling out of bed (which was a huge issue for us).

  We don't often have this size as a Ready to Ship but we do take custom orders for these and they typically ship after 4 weeks.

This little beauty in the BIG KIG NEST is 3.5 yrs old.





      Caring for Your Bubba and Blue Nest

We are all busy and no one has time for extreme measures to get your kids things cleaned. The baby nests are both washer and dryer safe. You can wash in any front or top load washing machine as long as it does not have an agitator. Use cold water and a gentle cycle. If the nest is very dirty you can use a normal wash but note you may have to fluff up the nest after , as the filling  may shift around.  Dry on a low heat !! Easy peasy :) We also carry a handy spit up mat that fits over the bottom of the nest to help keep it clean in between washings. They are an absorbent, triple layers pad that is also machine washable. . Get one to match your lounging baby nest !

You can add a spit up mat to your order at check out.


                                        SAFETY FIRST

This is a baby product and with all baby products it should be used with caution and your babies safety in mind. I cannot take responsibility if the Baby nest is misused or not used as intended. I cannot claim that nothing will ever happen to your baby in the nest, please use your best judgment to keep your baby safe at all times.

All nests are checked over very well before they are shipped to insure there are no loose parts. The rope is sewn into the top of the nest so it cannot be pulled out. If there are any rips or tears in the nest you should stop using it.

When baby is resting in the nest , the nest should be undone and left open at the bottom especially if the baby can turn around on their own.

 Please follow the SIDS recommendations for your country like with all baby/child sleep products. 

Keep baby’s resting area in the same area where parents are to reduce baby’s risk.
Only place a baby in the nest when the nest is in a safe secure place.
You should always place baby’s head towards the top of the Baby nest.
Keep the baby’s rest area free of loose items, such as toys, pillows and blankets. Most paediatricians recommends the use of wearable blankets.
The nest should always be used in a child-safe and "supervised environment." A supervised environment is one in which a semi-alert, non-inebriated adult is co-sleeping next to baby.
Always untie and have the bottom of the nest open when baby is resting in the nest.


   Let's help you customize a Baby Nest

Do you have a vision in mind? Maybe you have a favourite theme or want to match your decor or nursery. We can do that!! Just reach out to me with some ideas and we will get to work on helping you make your dreams come true. 

Sizing :

We have four sizes to choose from:

Infant being the smallest size at 30' inside resting area. Great for newborn up to a year old.

Toddler is about 37' inside resting area. These are perfect for those toddlers up to about 3 years old.

Big Kid is about 48" inside resting area and is gaining more popularity , these are the perfect size for kids up to 8/9 years old , amazing right !?

oh and lets not forget the twin!! YUP TWIN !!

Our twin size is 30" long inside resting area and twice as wide to accommodate double the goodness. 

I know you and your baby's will enjoy the Baby Nests for years to come. They are great to use for more than one baby and pass down to a cousin or friends as well. These are made with only the best fabrics available. We pride ourselves on making custom handcrafted and ethically made items the last the test of time or at least every milestone you little will go through.



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