Meet The Maker

I'm Sandra , the owner and creator of Bubba and Blue Design. I love being a stay at home mom. I have 3 beautiful boys ,who of course are my everything. I have been a mom for over half of my life now. It's the only thing I feel like I couldn't do without, well that and matcha lattes. I'm a bit of a home body , most of the time ,but I do like the occasional ski trip or vacation to the coast with my Family. I worked outside of the home while raising my first two children and then decided I wanted to be a stay at home with our last little rainbow baby.

I love making any room look the best it can but decorating a nursery or a child's room is where I find my happy place. Bubba and Blue started with the design of my sons nursery and then his play room. I have gone from making nursery decor to stroller accessories , play tents and baby nests. I get bored easily so I'm always up for trying to create or sew something new. I have an obsession with fabric, my husband would definitely attest to that. I think my style isn't always what's on trend but about how it makes me feel and I love helping people find that design for themselves and their little ones too. Most of my items are an investment pieces and I like to think that they can be enjoyed by more than one generation. I pride myself on making custom handcrafted and sustainable items that will be around for a long time.