Tips for traveling with kids

Here are a few tips to make for a better experience when traveling with kids 

Traveling with kids can be stressful for sure !! Keeping on your scheduled meals and nap times can make the world of difference. Sometimes sleeping becomes the biggest obstacle for babies and toddlers. 

I promise if you are a traveling family you will love the Bubba and Blue nests for that purpose alone. We have lots of parents who travel with their kiddos and say that having the nest has made it so much easier. Your babies familiarity to their nest will help them settle down easier in a strange place. 

The nest packs up easily in a suitcase or duffle bag so you can take it with you in the car or on plane.  

The nest will also double as a change station and a place to dock the baby when you are at the beach/pool. The nest has a thick plush bottom so you can be assured that even sitting the baby down on a cement pad near a pool will still be comfortable. 

Be sure to have toys and books to entertain the kiddos when you are waiting for meals at restaurants. Sometimes as we know kids are the most impatient in those situations. Sometimes ordering the food and then talking a little walk around while waiting will keep the kids happier. 

Our spit up mats are a double layered mat that fits in the bottom of the nest. The mats are perfect to use in the nest when traveling, these will keep the nest clean and you can easily hand wash them out in a sink if you don’t have easy access to a washer. 

If you are doing a lot of walking on vacation you will want to bring a light stroller with you. A lot of parents love to carry their babies but if you are walking a lot with more than one child I always like to have a light stroller with me. Some vacation sports also rent strollers, so check that out before you leave. 

Traveling with kids can be challenging but managing your time and keeping them on a bit of a familiar routine with be monumental in survival. ;) 

These years pass so quickly so be sure to take it all in and enjoy even the trying times of being on vacation with your children. You will be making memories for a lifetime. 


Contact me to get you started on a custom nest that is perfect for you and your traveling family.  


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