Reasons to Love Bubba & Blue baby Nest

The original baby Nest was designed in Sweden over 30 years ago as a co-sleeper. The nest is designed to replicate the feeling of still being in the womb. Over the last few years they have gained more popularity in North America and have quickly become a must have item for new moms and dads. The baby Nest is much more than a co-sleeper. It is a cozy place to dock your baby around the house, great for travel and giving your baby a familiar place to rest.

Why you will love the Bubba & Blue baby Nest:

1) The Nest is light weight and easy to travel with. Many parents report that they can not imagine travelling without their baby's Nest. Your baby will settles easier being in a familiar space while away from home. Great for using at grandma's house or while on a family vaccation. The Nest can easily fit into a suitcase, and the draw string at the bottom makes the perfect handle for carrying. 

2) Bubba & Blue Nests come in 3 different sizes to suit all ages of kids under 8 years old. Our custom designed Nests are made with a cotton fabric on both sides and a hypoallergenic stuffing inside. They are one piece and are fully machine washable and dryer safe. The Nest has no zippers or covers to fuss with, just put the whole Nest in the Machine on a gentle cycle. I love to hang my sons Nest out in the fresh air to dry, but you can also use the dryer on a low heat setting to fully dry it as well. This is great for busy parents who don't have time to change out covers or take the whole thing apart to clean.

3) Tummy time is essential for your babies development. Doctors recommend starting shorts periods of time on their tummies from day one. Tummy time will help to develop and strengthen their neck and upper body. The nest gives a soft and comfortable place for your baby to enjoy their tummy time.

4) Bubba & Blue Nests are 100% customized to meet our customers design needs. Many parents choose to have the infant Nest made to compliment their home decor while some parents of older children choose to have the toddler size nest match their child's interests. Our Nests are completely reversible, so you can choose 2 different fabrics. We have a wide arrangement of fabrics to choose from and welcome custom orders. 

5) The baby Nest will replace many baby items that you thought you would need. The Nest makes the perfect place for your baby to play with an activity gym or hand held developmental toys. The Nest's side come up around the baby making them feel secure and snug in there while resting. Parents who like to have their babies close to them at all times can move the Nest easily around the house from one room to the other. The nest will also keep the baby protected from dust and dirt being kick up from the floor.  Use while at the beach or when you are on a camping trip. You will find many ways to utilize your Nest and we would love to hear all about it. Please feel free to send or tag us in your photos , we love to see all the ways you are using your Bubba & Blue Nest. #bubbandblueonthego




  • Keltie Neville

    Our nest has made traveling soooo much easier. Because it’s a familiar and cozy spot, out 7 month old just snuggles right in for naps and bed time when we’re visiting friends. We get so many compliments on it as well—the fabrics are gorgeous and so incredibly soft. I fell asleep on it myself the other night. We couldn’t be happier with our nest!

  • Amanda

    We absolutely love our twin nest. I purchased the twin nest when our twins came home from the nicu and have used it everyday since! It is by far the most used baby item in our home. The product itself is made of amazing quality. We have been using it for 3 months straight for our twins (plus our toddler plays in it) and it still looks new.

  • Crystal Tonner

    I finally got a toddler nest and absolutely love it! My toddler loves to sleep in it and it’s so convinient for travel since she hates the pack n play!

  • Brandy Brooks

    We ordered a toddler nest in preparation for our third and final baby to arrive. The fact that we could pick the fabrics and fill made the purchase extra special. The nest has been nothing short of amazing. Our daughter is nearing 10 months now and still sleeps in her nest daily. When I lay her down for her nap she rocks her head back and forth and, feeling the snugness of the nest around her, she (usually) always closed her eyes and drifts off to sleep so easily. We have travelled with it, taken it outside to parks, and even used it in our van during road trips (while parked of course!) Best baby purchase ever!

  • Chelsea Pagliei

    I recently purchased the toddler nest for my son who’s almost a year and a half. Upon receiving it, it has been nothing but amazing! The quality, the soft fabric!! As cheesy as it sounds but really this nest is part of our family! We pack it up to trips to nana and papas, we have our nightly reading routine in the nest and my son absolutely loves resting in it to watch TV! We love our nest so much, (and because my 3 year old constantly wants his brothers) we decided to purchase a big kid nest. One of the best purchases we have made, in my honest opinion!

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