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   More and more moms are finding ways to make money and still be able to stay home to raise their babies. The opportunities really are endless and once you figure out if this could work for your family , the possibilities are as high as you can let yourself imagine.   I have been working my at home small shop for just over 7 years now. The reasons for me wanting to put all I could into this dream are probably the same as most moms.    1)I’m a creative person by nature so working my craft gives me the personal fulfillment I crave. 2) I wanted to be with my son, I wanted to be there for all...

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March Meet the Maker

March Is Meet the Market Month I have been struggling to come up with something to tell you all that you might want to know about me. I wish I had some great advice about life and business but really I just take it one day at a time , tackle what I can handle and try my best not stress about what I can’t control. My life has been full of pivotal events that brought me to where I am. I have been through a lot and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. I have three amazing boys that I couldn’t be prouder of and they make every bit of any struggles I ever had...

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Reasons to Love Bubba & Blue baby Nest

The original baby Nest was designed in Sweden over 30 years ago as a co-sleeper. The nest is designed to replicate the feeling of still being in the womb. Over the last few years they have gained more popularity in North America and have quickly become a must have item for new moms and dads. The baby Nest is much more than a co-sleeper. It is a cozy place to dock your baby around the house, great for travel and giving your baby a familiar place to rest. Why you will love the Bubba & Blue baby Nest: 1) The Nest is light weight and easy to travel with. Many parents report that they can not imagine travelling without their...

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Bubba and Blue and the Changes

Bubba and Blue is my pride and joy and over the last 6 years it has defined me and who I am in so many ways. It has made me patient and impatient , sane and insane, it has made me feel loved and not so loved. I can't imagine life without it now, but I do work a lot , like a lot , a lot. I am a border line workaholic so with sewing, the web site , Facebook, instagram , vip group , re-loved page , customer service and everything else that comes with the business I can say it keeps me in the zone of enough and too much to do ;) As much as I...

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